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Tyre Inner Tube

Tyre Inner Tube

Being our core product, we work very closely with our local manufacturers to ensure that our tyre inner tubes are of high quality. Our tyre inner tubes are manufactured to withstand the rigorous routines light and heavy trucks get subjected to.  We conduct regular Research & Development (R&D) process with the manufacturers to support our customers’ needs & requirements.

We have various sizes of tyre inner tube suited for motorcycles, light trucks and heavy trucks. Our popular sizes include, but not limited to 750×16, 900×20, 1000×20, 1100×20, 1200×20 and 1200×24. Contact us and let us know your requirement.

Tyre Flap

With the right blend of polymers, our tyre flaps are the perfect match for unforgiving retreads and rough roads. Your tyre inner tube will now stay protected from irregularities formed on the rim and physical tear. They don’t just protect the tube from extreme heat and pressure; these tyre flaps are immune to abuse. You’ll go on long routes with a peace of mind knowing that your inner tyre tubes are in safe hands.

Our tyre flaps are made in the right size ensuring that the tyre inner tube never comes into direct contact with the tyre rim. Designed for every light and heavy truck, we have various sizes for your need. Our popular sizes range from 16 to 24 inches.Contact us to enquire about the size that you require.

metal, rubber & plastics parts FABRICATION

We have extensive partnership with engineering companies in Malaysia to produce your custom metal, rubber & plastic parts. Our team has the knowledge and experience to produce the parts as per your requirement.

Some of the processes that we are able to do are rubber moulding, plastic injection, metal stamping and free cutting fabrication – you ask for it and we can do it. Below are some of the products that we are doing.